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    Fssai Registration


    Categories of FSSAI Registration

    FSSAI registration encompasses different categories tailored to various scales and types of food businesses, ensuring a streamlined regulatory framework.
    The categories primarily include Basic FSSAI Registration, State FSSAl License, and Central FSSAl License.
    1. Basic FSSAI Registration: This is suitable for small-scale food businesses, including petty food manufacturers, small eateries, and individual food pro-cessors. Basic registration is applicable to businesses with an annual turnover below a specified limit, providing a simplified registration process while still ensuring adherence to basic food safety regulations.
    2. State FSSAl License: This category is meant for medium-sized food businesses operating within a specific state. It is applicable to businesses with a moderate turnover and covers entities such as distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers. The State FSSAl License is obtained from the respective State
    Government's FSSAI department.
    3. Central FSSAl License: Larger enterprises engaged in food manufacturing and distribution on a national scale are required to obtain the Central FSSAI
    License. This category is suitable for businesses with a substantial annual turnover. Central FSSAl License is granted by the Central Government's FSSAI department and is essential for ensuring compliance with national-level food safety standards

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